Marmots in Spokane

IMG_20140619_103510.jpgLook closely….it’s just another marmot! There are several locations near our rivers that are favorites for these rascals. Eastern marmots are ground-dwelling rodents of the squirrel family. In North America they are called groundhogs or woodchucks. Marmots use lookouts to watch for predators. When a predator is spotted, the lookout whistles loudly. Marmots are excellent diggers, and construct an elaborate system of burrows, each with both a main entrance and an escape tunnel. Their burrows are used as dens by other animals, including skunks and foxes. During the summer, marmots gain weight in order to prepare for hibernation. They usually hibernate all winter and may lose as much as half their body weight by February.

About Linda Miller Sheets

Linda is a retired Realtor/Instructor in the state of Washington. The love of community and people has opened the door to seeing her surroundings with a freshness not shared by everyone. Hopefully, this collection of everyday places, events and people will bring joy to others! Her husband, Everett will participate in the "hunt" for just the right captured moment in the beautiful Northwest.
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