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Spring at Manito Pond

Spokane citizens are welcoming spring weather. Manito Pond and the surrounding park areas are not only beautiful, but comfortable and serene. Today I watched a young man help an elderly gentleman walk to the park bench. They watched and fed … Continue reading

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Frozen Manito Pond

There are so many picture opportunities at Manito Park. The frozen pond attracts young and old alike!

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Rumble from the mountain

Walking on our favorite path we can hear the water coming from the side of the hillside into a small pond. Many years ago this must have been used as a cistern for water pressure to properties below. Or was it actually used … Continue reading

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December at Manito Pond

While at Manito Park recently it was easy to focus on all the ducks and watching how they were navigating around the ice on the pond. What wasn’t immediately apparent was the true beauty of the bare trees and the … Continue reading

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Manito Pond

The ducks are still able to swim in the Manito Pond. There is an area that is freezing over and it doesn’t seem to deter these feathered friends!

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