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Spokane Marmot

Huntington Park (the park area west of Riverfront Park) has some interesting inhabitants! The marmot lives in all the rock around the river and this one didn’t seem to be in a hurry to scoot away when the camera approached.

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“X”….marks the spot!

We watched the empty spot at Riverfront Park….waiting for the annual Christmas tree. As usual, it is beautiful. There was so much activity today–the merchants must be humming¬†a happy song. Notice Santa sitting between the big candy canes….he’s looking lonely!

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Art in the Park

Riverfront Park features many different art pieces. For instance, at the Spokane Falls Boulevard entrance visitors are greeted by sculptored runners. This picture is one of many interesting creations.

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Park “tear down”

The fall “tear down” is happening. Rides that appear in the spring, disappear in the fall to make way for the ice skating rink. Year around fun at the park. The carrousel stays all year….yeah!!

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Work in Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park today was calming and beautiful. The river bed is dry–workers busy with “something”.¬† The 30 minute walk was a terrific opportunity to see all the plantings before the “first frost”. Runners and walkers had the park to themselves … Continue reading

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